Beerithmetic: Happy Hour + NYC Craft Brews + Beer Garden = WIN

March 12, 2010

Adam Sivits

If you live in New York City and you love beer, chances are you know about any of the various beer gardens dotting the boroughed landscape. For purists, however, there’s only one: the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden in Astoria.

A friend of mine had just moved into the neighborhood on Tuesday, and he took the next day off just in case. We ended up walking around on Wednesday, running errands and such (CVS had large, bubble-lined manila envelopes while Staples didn’t, natch) as I showed him various eateries he should frequent. We decided to walk by the Beer Garden since it looked closed, which seemed odd at quarter to four.

We browsed the menu and flyer posted outside as something stood out: $10 pitchers during happy hour, which was from 5-8 pm. I mentioned that Wednesday was laundry day. “Well let’s do some laundry and come back and drink!” my friend said. That is a sentence that is very, very hard to argue against.

While the Beer Garden has long had European staples like Pilsner Urquell, Hoegaarden, Spaten and the like, they have recently been adding some American craft beer to the mix. I figured something like Stella would be on special during happy hour, but to our surprise the bartender said that the three on special were Sixpoint Brownstone (although the menu says Sweet Action), Captain Lawrence Pale Ale, and … well, after the first two, we plum just forgot about the last one (and with good reason – it was Heineken).

So, if you find yourself in northwest Queens after work sometime, stop in to the Beer Garden and belly up to the bar for a great deal on some of the area’s finest craft beer. In addition to the Sixpoint and Capt. Lawrence, they also have Blue Point and – according to their online menu – Ommegang Hennepin and Coney Island Albino Python. Monday and Tuesday everything on tap is $10 a pitcher (they open at 5 pm), and Wednesday-Friday three select beers will be highlighted. The weather doesn’t have to be perfect to enjoy the perfect pint.

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