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April 22, 2010

When the POTUS held his much-maligned Beer Summit, he was roundly criticized by the craft beer industry for drinking a Bud Light. And following Canada’s 3-2 OT win in the Gold Medal game, Obama needed to settle a bet with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The bounty? A case of Molson Canadian. Had the U.S. pulled off the upset, Barry would’ve received a case of Yuengling. As a show of good faith, the president sent a case of the states’ oldest brew – and his personal favorite – north of the border, anyway.

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So, the prez digs his beer domestic, but – unlike how the Beastie Boys prefer their women – not crafty. What to do then?

Well, you flat-out ask for free beer.

After singling out Bill Milliken – now known dutifully as Bill the Beer Guy – at a health-care rally as a small-business owner set to reap the rewards of reform, Milliken and the Maine Brewers Guild were happy to respond to Obama’s request. Move those Yuenglings around and make some room in the fridge – the White House is about to get some quality craft beer from the great state of Maine. Some Shipyard in the backyard, perhaps?

In technological news, no doubt many of you have heard about Gizmodo’s recent discovery of a prototype for the newest iPhone.

Well, discovery is a loose term. Gawker Media head Nick Denton recently said they paid $5,000 for it. How did they get it? Some poor Apple engineer had one too many brews on his birthday and left it on a stool.

Chalk up the Gourmet Haus Staudt, a beer garden in Redwood City, Calif., as public enemy numero uno on Apple’s Amber Alert. We’ve all been there, kid. Keep your head up (but your fingers on your expensive next-generation devices).

Finally, on this Earth Day, look past the giant blue aliens on DVD and look to the real future – boxed beer. An Australian industrial design student recently came up with a boxed system that maintains CO2 pressure while keeping the oxygen out. Tasty beer that’s environmentally friendly? Sign me up. (Thanks to Mike Kivowitz of Bergenation for the tip.)

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