Tuesday’s Brews Reviewed: Ellicottville Brewing Co. Pale Ale And Nut Brown

May 25, 2010
Ellicottville Brewery

Clare Goggin

The town of Ellicottville, New York is sometimes referred to as the “Aspen of the East” — more so for their skiing than for their beer. But that didn’t stop the founders of Ellicottville Brewing Co. to build one of the finest craft brew companies in the country. The restaurant and brewery now has two locations, the second having opened in nearby Fredonia in 2005, and they’ve received three International World Beer Championship awards.

With seven regular brews, five seasonals and a handful of limited release, oak aged and small batch series, this brewery definitely works hard to earn their high-quality reputation. Recently, I got my hands on both their Pale Ale and Nut Brown brews. I’m excited to share what I thought about these beers.

EBC Pale Ale or Two Brothers
At the brewery, this beer is known as Two Brothers in honor of the company’s first investors: Skip and Walter Yahn. Poured into a shaped pint glass, the amber orange brew produces a healthy white head. The aroma is dominated by citrusy lemon and a whiff of sweet malt. A flavorful pale ale, the citrus comes through in the taste as well. The hops are well balanced and the finish is bitter but pleasant.

I enjoyed this particular beer and felt pretty engaged with the flavor the entire time I was drinking it. While it wasn’t exactly my favorite new pale ale, I’d certainly order this one again. It’s only a 5.5% ABV so I could probably enjoy a few more without feeling too queasy.

Beer Goggins Rating: 16.5/20

EBC Brown Ale
A nice, light brew with a sweet flavor, this brew is another nice addition to the Ellicottville menu. I also poured this beer into a shaped pint glass and noticed the ruby-tinged brown color of the brew and another pretty tall, white head. The sweetness is easily detectable in the aroma along with a hint of roasted nuts and malts and possibly a touch of floral. The flavor follows with the sweet malt first introduced in the aroma. Roasted nut and caramel flavors are also evident but it’s enhanced by a very mild spice that’s even a bit surprising.

While I enjoyed this particular brown ale, I feel as though I’ve had better brown ales in the past. I’m not sure I’d order this particular brew or buy it again if I had other better options from which to choose. However, if it was my only choice, I might not overlook it either. And it certainly won’t keep me from visiting this New York state brewery when I have the chance. Since it’s only about 5.2% ABV, it’s not going to knock you off your feet after a night of drinking.

Beer Goggins Rating: 13.5/20

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