Zane Lamprey’s Drinking Made Easy Takes Manhattan

June 3, 2010
Clare Goggin

Clare Goggin

and that’s when he decided to chug a giant bucket of beer. The frothy brew drizzled down his bushy beard and onto his black t-shirt, and the fact that he was wearing sunglasses inside meant that we couldn’t quite see if his eyes started watering like mine do every time I have to chug a lot of beer.

Oops. That’s kind of confusing, isn’t it? Let me explain.

Zane Lamprey’s Drinking Made Easy tour came to the Fillmore at Irving Plaza on Wednesday, June 2nd. The ticket-selling website listed first on a Google search of Fillmore Irving Plaza – and the site linked from Zane’s blog – said it started at 8:30. When we arrived to pick up our tickets at will call (that were left by Zane’s wonderful and helpful PR person, Karen) shortly after 7 pm, we were told we couldn’t leave with them. So, we left the tickets there and went around the corner to get a bite to eat.

When we came back at about 8:10, we figured we had plenty of time to get to our seat and get a drink. However, as we entered and showed our IDs to get a wristband, we heard somebody upstairs on the mic, and a bunch of people laughing.


After sitting down, we glanced at our tickets. They said “DRS 7 pm.” Well … shit.

First off, we don’t mean to complain since we were lucky enough to get free tickets. And it’s not Zane and Co.’s fault – this is obviously Live Nation’s fault, as other ticket sites had the correct time listed for the event.

So, we missed a 300-pound Pleepleus and most of Steve McKenna’s standup. We walked in where you did here, with McKenna chugging a bunch of beer.

From there Marc Ryan came on and did a great 10-minute or so set, getting big laughs along the way. I’d admittedly never heard of Marc Ryan before, but his Cajun accent, raunchy jokes and boozy delivery were a perfect fit.

Then Zane came on with a hybrid blend of jokes, stories, ragging on random members of the audience, and an informative and humorous slide show lecture on different types of alcohol. At one point Zane even ran upstairs to grab his iPhone to call Jim the Cop, who for some reason or another didn’t make the show. Zane had told me that when he did this routine at Zanetoberfest, it didn’t go over so well and that it would be much better now. I didn’t make it to Zanetoberfest, but BeerGoggins did, and here’s her thoughts on the difference:

“Zanetoberfest was a crazy party filled with large steins of beer and by the time Zane went on stage to give us a taste of his comedy, we were all just a little too blitzed to fully appreciate. But Drinking Made Easy is all about Zane’s comedy with beer as a very important accessory. There star finally earned his laughs from a still pretty blitzed audience but an attentive one.”

Despite not catching any corks that Zane sabred off of champagne bottles – wearing full catcher’s gear, no less – Steve McKenna managed to not fall off the stage. So that was a plus.

The night ended with a couple sing-along songs, and the chance to take red-carpet photos with Zane, Steve, and Marc.

The drinks weren’t cheap, but there was a waitress going around taking orders and a bar at the back. We drank when we saw Pleepleus, drank twice when we saw Steve McKenna, and put our thumbs on our foreheads when Zane burped.

It was a fun night. Usually when you drink you forget stuff towards the end. This time we missed stuff at the beginning.

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