3Beans: A Beer Collaboration of a Different Kind

January 21, 2013

sixpoint_3beans_canBreweries have been teaming up to create amazing hybrid beers for years and — as beer lovers — we drink it up, right?

Well, Sixpoint announced their latest concoction last week: 3Beans. This beer combines ingredients from three different companies — but they’re not all breweries. Sixpoint brewed the beer with Stumptown coffee and Mast Brothers chocolate.

The result is a dark brew that the brewery, famous for their Bengali Tiger and Sweet Action ales, compares to beers referenced by Celtic lore: “Brewed from beans and barley, this ale was so dark, rich, and satisfying that no gathering ever went unthankful.”

Full disclosure: I haven’t tried the beer yet but I’m working on getting my hands on it so I can give you my honest opinion. Stay tuned, Friend(s).

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