Chris Cuzme, The New 508 Brewer

January 22, 2013

508-cuzmeThings are changing over at 508 GatroBrewery. The talented Chris Cuzme has taken over the role of brewer for the restaurant which serves nothing but the beer brewed on premises.

The brewery was a late addition for the restaurant. Since they started brewing their own beer to complement the food (which makes up the “gastro” part of the name), they’ve earned praise for both the menu and the brews.

Having known Chris for sometime, attended his beer and chocolate classes and seen him break it down on the sax at various events around the city (he’s also a musician), I’m excited to try one of his upcoming brews. Last I spoke to him, he was still working on getting all of his brews on tap at the gatrobrewery but I look forward to seeing them there.

Chris has been a homebrewer for years but he’s also launched his own brewery: Wandering Star. I’m a big fan of their beers — especially the Wandering Star Zingari Belgian Wit. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with at 508.

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