Golden Road Cabrillo Kolsch Straight from L.A.

July 8, 2013

The Golden Road Cabrillo Kolsch poured into a glass.I’m not going to pretend I know anything about Los Angeles. I know it’s hot and there are a lot of cars. But frankly, I’ve never been and I haven’t really had a reason to go. Although a recent sample I received from Golden Road Brewing might change my mind …

While California is a state filled with craft beer options, Los Angeles has been a bit slow to catch up. Among what appear to be rather meager offerings, Golden Road definitely stands out as a fast-rising and impressive craft brewery. When they opened, they were considered the city’s largest brewery and they’ve only continued to prove just how good they are.

Recently the lovely people at Golden Road reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try their Cabrillo Kolsch. Since I’d heard a lot about this brewery already (for the reasons I’ve listed above) and their beer is not available in New York City, I was pretty damn excited to get that package. (Well, that and I just like getting packages. There’s something about getting mail that makes you feel special!)

The kolsch, an old German-style brew that’s become pretty popular with American breweries over the last few years, comes in a 16-ounce can (that’s a full pint). It looks like Golden Road cans most of their beers for environmentally conscious reasons: cans are easier to pack into a truck and that cuts down on the amount of trucks needed and subsequently, the brewery’s carbon footprint (nice job, guys).

Back to the beer. I poured it into the closest thing I had to a stange glass (the proper glassware for a Kolsch) but it was really more of a pilsner glass. (Feel free to leave complaints about my choice of glassware in the comments if you really have that much time on your hands.) It poured a clear yellow gold with a small head. The aroma was mildly grassy with just a hint of lemon and the flavor featured more lemon with a grassy flavor toward the back of the tongue.

The hops here is noticeable but not enough to overpower. Overall, it’s crisp and delicious and really good for the hot weather. I assume that’s why it works so well for the over-heated Los Angeles crowd once they get out of their cars.

Have you tried Golden Road?

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