About Beer Goggins & Mad Hops

Beer Goggins and her partner in crime Mad Hops are zeroing in on local craft beer and what that means here in New York City and around the world. With their sound brew advice, tasting notes, bar reviews, beer traveling adventures and more, we offer all the insight we can into the world of craft beer and where to find high-quality brews.

Beer Goggins
Clare Goggin Sivits is a chick who lives on a strict regiment of beer and cheese. She loves good beer and is damn proud of it — she thinks everyone should abandon frou frou cocktails and beer-flavored water for a great craft beer. Seriously, who cares about the calorie count when it means you can actually enjoy what you’re sipping.

Follow Clare, a.k.a. Beer Goggins, along her journey through the craft beer world and as she discovers what local beer means around the globe. She’ll be your personal taste tester, your story teller, your bar scout and your drinking buddy without getting a hair out of place.

Clare is also an fun runner and loves to organize four-mile runs through the park to be immediately followed by a few beers at a nearby bar.

Mad Hops
Adam Sivits, a.k.a. Mad Hops, started blogging years ago as a sports writer. He can tell you almost anything about any athletic team which ever played a professional game — with the exception of soccer. His passion for sports just barely outshines his passion for beer and when he met up with Beer Goggins, a perfect partnership was formed.

Adam’s got the dirt on where to find a great beer for a good price but he’ll also tell you some of the funniest drinking stories you’ll ever hear. He’s the guy you want to have a beer with when you’re looking to have the craziest night of your life. But he’s also got great taste in brew.

His sports passion varies but his true love is baseball. Adam plays on an men’s baseball league in New York City. He pitches and occasionally plays first base. Games are always followed by sessions at the local pub or beer garden.